painted golf hole

A Call for White Holes

I was on vacation last summer and got a chance to play the Stadium Course at PGA West in La Quinta, California. It was pretty cool, the course was not in great shape and was getting ready to shut down for maintenance to get ready for the upcoming tour event. I wanted to play the Stadium Course because that’s the one the players play the final day of the event and just like I did when I played Sawgrass, I wanted to chart my shots so that when I watched the tournament on TV I could reference where I shot the ball and played from.  I must like Pete Dye designed courses. They are tough but I seem to play ok on them. The one thing that caught my attention during my round was the white painted holes and for some reason that little difference in appearance made the experience a little more special. It was just like what the pros see all the time. It also made me think why don’t all courses paint the holes. It seems like such a small and inexpensive task but one that makes the whole appearance of the green stand out for the benefit of aesthetics and play. It definitely helps you see the hole much better. I gotta tell ya, if the courses around my house started painting the holes, it may very well will influence my decision when choosing where to play.  I say all courses should paint the damn holes. This photo was taken by me at PGA West.