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I started this site to serve a need that I had personally as a golfer and that was to have a tool that I could use to find golfers to play golf when my usual golf partners were not available.  And a site that wasn’t a dating site and didn’t work like a dating site because that’s all I found when I searched the internet. I believe that all golfers can always use a tool to help find golf partners when in need whether on vacation or traveling or if relocated.  And for beginners to find other beginners to start their golfing careers and grow their games with.  I believe this tool is going to help promote the game of golf by enabling people to play more golf.  It will bring the golfers out who won’t go out as a single and it will turn singles into twosomes, or threesomes or foursomes. It’s good for golfers and it’s good for golf courses and in turn good for the golf industry.

I try to play at least once a week, sometimes twice. Sometimes it’s hard to find someone to play on short notice or at the same times I am looking to play. On Monday’s I typically check the forecast and my schedule and spy out a day that would be good for me to get out. I’ll start throwing out feelers to my regular golf buddies but sometimes you just can’t find anybody that’s available. If I can’t find people to play, often times I just won’t go and I think that’s true for a lot of other golfers.

Unless I’m working on a swing change or practicing, I just hate playing solo.  You’ll likely be playing behind groups, having to play through groups, or relying on them letting you through, or trying to cut around groups.  If you are playing single, you’ll be hitting multiple balls and the pressure is off.  Making good shots and pressure puts is not as fun by yourself. It’s just not the same experience as playing with a partner.

Going out as a single golfer is a risk. Once in a while you will get lucky and get grouped with another comparable single on the course but that’s hit or miss whether that experience is going to be enjoyable or not. I’d much rather be in control and have a plan before I get to the course.  Ready To Play Golf will help single golfers make arrangements with another single or a group that has an opening before they get to the course.  You arrive knowing who you are playing with and what level skill golfers they are.

Studies show that most beginner golfers quit the game after one year and some of the reasons are the game is hard for one thing, it takes time and it can be debilitating to one’s psyche.  Often beginners get their start with someone who plays golf already and is at a higher skill level so  beginners will stress on the facts that they are holding people up or ruining their partners experience and constantly exposing their partners to embarrassing shots and awful play.  Beginners need other beginners to play with, to cut their teeth and grow their games with.  Having comparable golf partners is a big factor and Ready To Play Golf can help that beginner find other beginner golf partners.

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