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Golf League Recruiting

Spring is approaching and golf leagues are forming. A great tool for recruiting players and partners is Ready To Play Golf.  If you are a player and are in need of a partner to join a league, than you can post ad on Ready To Play Golf.

If you are a course owner or league manager and are looking to recruit more players to fill your league, than you can post an ad regarding your league on Ready To Play Golf.   

If you are a league player and need a substitute to take your place one night, than you can post an add for a substitute.  If you are league manager you can recruit subs for your league by posting an ad.

Ready To Play Golf is a communication hub, a market place if you will for golfers.  Finding golfers and golf partners of comparable skills can sometimes be a challenge. Now there is a tool to help.  

2 thoughts on “Golf League Recruiting”

  1. I am looking to join a morning or evening golf league. I live in Paoli, PA 19301 and my handicap is 19 USGA. There are many courses within 20 miles of my home so I hope someome reads this post and contacts me. Anthony Ciccarelli 484.318.8368 ,

    1. Hi Anthony,

      The best way to put this out there is to post and ad on the site. Let me know if you need help. When ads are posted I am working on email notifications to other subscribers in your area as well. Let me know if you need help getting your ad posted. Jim 484-964-4129

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