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Do you need a club to play more golf?

golf clubhouse

Golf leagues and clubs. The two biggest resources for golfers to play regularly with people they know. Joining a club is what a lot of people do to meet others and have people to play with. Not everyone, I mean there are certainly a lot of other good reasons to join a club but for sure the major one is you’ll always have people to play golf with. Familiar faces and people in the same situation, getting their money’s worth the best they can. Because the golf is unlimited right, you want to try to play as much as you can and to make it worth the price.   I get it, it’s nice to not have to deal with tee times of the public tracks and the dangerous hackers out there but it is a lot to pay just for golf partners and a little convenience. With the internet now and great resources like Ready To Play Golf you don’t have to join clubs or leagues just to meet golfers and it’s much less costly.  You can build your pool of golf partners and play different courses at the time. Club members play the same damn course every time.  It gets old, I don’t care what people say. Playing the same course twice a week year after year with the same people gets old and not to mention the time spent at the club trying to spend your food and beverage allowance which is really a ploy to keep you at the club to spend more money.  Ay dios mio, you better really like the club you are joining, it’s going to be like going to work with all the time spent there.  I personally can’t do it, I just can’t be away from home that much. Don’t get me wrong, money and time aside, I would love to join a private club and I may at some point. But if I can use tools like Ready To Play Golf to make arrangements to play golf with the plethora of other subscribers than I think I’ll be just fine. Meeting new people and playing different courses isn’t a bad thing.  We have choices now and the technology and resources to do these things. If you join a club, think about your regular buddies who are not joining the club with you, yeah you might get them to come out with as a guest a few times, but it’s going to cost you or them $100.00 or so to play.  But that will be it, you will grow apart eventually as neither of you will feel like paying that much to play with each other and that’s a shame.