golf cart accident

Runaway Cart

You can’t make this shit up.   My runaway cart story. I was playing with my father at Blackwood Golf Club in Douglassville, PA.  Holes 12 and 14 parallel each other and both slope down to a pond. 12 plays downhill and 14 plays uphill away from the pond.  

Map of Blackwood Golf Course Douglassville Pa
Blackwood Golf Course Douglassville Pa

We were on 14 and coming up the fairway when I noticed my Dad’s head cover on the ground on the 12th fairway. I let my Dad out by his ball and made way for the head cover. So I was headed across both fairways with the slope and pond to my right.   I was going full speed as I approached the head cover and I was going to lean down to snag the head cover without slowing down. Well when I got close a gust of wind blew the head cover towards the cart and it was going to go under the cart, so I jerked the wheel to the right and out I went.  I fell out and rolled like three times and then jumped and got my bearings. I turned to see where the cart was and there is was flying down the hill towards the pond. It was going fast. Without hesitation I started chasing the cart running as fast as I could while still a little dizzy from the roll.  I caught up to the cart about 10 yards from the pond I grabbed the wheel to turn the cart to the left and I hopped in to take control just missing the plunge into the pond. It was the dumbest, fastest, most athletic, spontaneous and ridiculously funniest things I have ever done all at the same time within like a 30 second time frame.  I turned back up the fairway towards my Dad with my hands up and then the laughing started. Oh my god, I never laughed so hard in my whole life. My Dad was crying laughing. When I got back to where he was I got out and starting rolling on the ground pounding the ground with my fists laughing uncontrollably. My Dad hit the ground as well. We were both rolling laughing for several minutes and for so long that the group behind who didn’t see us because we on the ground played right through us.  We couldn’t get up, we just laughed as they passed by. I’ll never forget that day. It all happened just so fast.

Blackwood Golf Course Douglassville Pa
Blackwood Golf Course