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Ready To Play Golf is a forum for connecting with golfers who are in the same boat as you, looking to play at certain times when your usual partners are not available. It’s no fun playing by yourself and joining an unknown group can be risky. It’s more fun to have a tee time with known entities even if you are playing with them for the first time. You can review players profiles before making a connection.

Once you register and set up your profile, go to “Search Groups” on the right side menu.

Groups are courses so search for the courses you play and join those groups.

Once you find and select the course, hit JOIN GROUP

Once you are a member of the group, you will see all the other members.

Now go to Discussions.

On the right side you’ll see SUBSCRIBE. If you would like email notifications when another member posts a discussion then hit subscribe. And when you want to turn those notifications off, then unsubscribe. Without notifications, you would come here to review the current discussions and post new discussions on your own.

For email notifications for replies to your discussions or other members discussions that you replied to, check the “Notify me of follow-up replies”. If you don’t hit that, then you’ll need to check the Discussions periodically for replies.

It’s a very simple tool for a very specific purpose. There is no reason to go out as a single any more and there is no reason not to play golf because you can’t find anyone to play with. The site is perfect for avid golfers and for beginners to find other beginners to play and grow their games with.

Use the site to:

Find partners when you are a single or look for a group that has an opening

To fill out your group

To find comparable partners

To find other beginners to grow your game with

To recruit league players

To communicate to players in your league or to find a sub

To advertise for a charity outing

To find a player for an outing

Find partners when traveling or on vacation