tiger woods-phil mcikelson masters 2018

Tiger vs Phil Oh My

Word is out that Tiger and Phil are planning a winner take all match for 10 million dollars. Holy mfr, this is going to be must see TV.  The money is far greater than the prize money for any tournament. The US open prize was the largest prize to date and that was 2 million.  The two best golfers of this generation who have had a history of competitiveness. It’s the money that makes this happen. It’s the perfect amount to make it worth it and nerve racking for these guys. This is such a brilliant idea because it’s what everyone wants to see, Tiger and Phil coming down the stretch going head to head. Tiger is his dominant years didn’t lose to Phil and there is no doubt Phil would have probably won more majors if Tiger wasn’t around and that’s evident by the fact that he did win a bunch of times while Tiger was out with injuries. Who are you rooting for?  I like both players so it’s really tough. I want it to be close so they have rematches and then the shit gets REAL. If Phil loses will he be willing to lose twice to Tiger? That would be damaging. If Tiger loses will he be willing to lose twice to Phil? The rematch will be even more intriguing.